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Oxford Sensors Although Oxford Sensors is a relatively new company, it is firmly based on the vast experience of its staff, who have over 80 years direct cumulative experience and who were instrumental in many of the most successful laser vision installations in the welding industry. Oxford Sensors uses the most modern design techniques and components to provide state of the art systems which are very well matched to their target applications. Oxford Sensors staff has extensive experience in the pipe business, especially in spiral pipe.  With many thousands of hours working in specific design, programming and installations on spiral mills worldwide. Oxford Sensors already has more credibility that any other supplier of laser vision systems into the spiral pipe market.
Global Network Working together with a global network of partners, and free of the weight of outdated thinking, Oxford Sensors is able to apply the best modern developments in control and sensing technology to the welding industry. A typical Oxford Sensors system integrates Laser Sensors, Cameras, Motor Drives, PCs, PLCs and HMIs in a fast, reliable network, giving excellent performance, ease of use, and great value. As the welding industry embraces networking and modern computing and communications technology, Oxford Sensors can provide a range of fully networked vision and control systems perfectly matched to customer requirements.   
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